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What is Garmin Nuvi?

The Garmin Nuvi is a vehicle navigation unit designed for your car. It uses GPS satellite signals to determine its location and route you to a destination. The Nuvi has a color touch screen with soft key controls. Each button has a picture and most also use a word to identify the key.

How to Determine Your Garmin Nuvi's Model Number?

The Garmin Nuvi guides you through city boulevards and down country streets with exact headings, traffic refreshes and a rundown of focal points. All Nuvis have a model number that empowers you to recognize your product. You’ll have to know this model number if you need to look into documentation for your gadget, download updates or contact Garmin for help. On the off chance that you know your model number, you can likewise rapidly get administration for your gadget in case of an item review. If your Nuvi is appended to a vehicle support, you have to expel it to locate the model number.

How can I update Garmin Nuvi Maps?

Before you go out for any outings it’s basic to have the most recent guide information on your Garmin Nuvi GPS. On the off chance that you have the latest map updates on your Nuvi gadget you won’t get lost and find exact areas. On the off chance that you have acquired map updates or lifetime enrollment from Garmin, at that point you can undoubtedly get guide refreshes through the Garmin Express program. Pursue beneath steps to refresh Garmin Nuvi maps.


  • Connect your Nuvi device to your PC via USB cable and wait until the Nuvi device boots up.
  • Click on…to go to myGarmin page and then sign in with your credentials.
  • Once you reach on the myGarmin dashboard now simply click on the myMaps tab. Now a list of all purchased map updates will appear.
  • Now from the “Recent Map Purchases” section click on the drop-down menu and choose your Garmin Nuvi model from the list.
  • Once you find a prompt click on it to install Garmin Communicator plugin.
  • Run Garmin Express on your PC. If you haven’t installed Garmin Express on your system then go to…then download and install this software as it helps communication between your Nuvi device and computer.
  • Once you are in the Garmin Express then simply click the Updates tab. You will find all available updates including purchased ones.
  • After this map updates will start downloading on your Garmin Express then will transfer to your Nuvi device.
  • After the completion of the update close Garmin Express and unplug Nuvi device from system.

How to Compare Garmin Nuvi Series?

There are several key characteristics that distinguish the groups of nuvi models.


The nuvi Essential tier includes the 30/40/50 series. While these models are the entry-level units of the nuvi line, they have desirable features for many users. Screen size is one factor separating the individuals from this series with the 30 series utilizing a 3.5-inch screen, the 40 series offering a 4.3-inch screen and the 50 series flaunting an enormous 5-inch show. This line incorporates fundamental route, 3-D maps, content to-discourse and speed point of confinement shows. Models from the 40 or 50 series include free lifetime map updates with approximately six million points of interest.

Advanced Tier

The Advanced tier of nuvi GPS models include the 2400 and 2500 series, utilizing 4.3-and 5-inch screens individually. This tier incorporates the majority of the essential highlights of the Essential tier yet includes SafeText, which peruses writings to you from a Bluetooth-empowered telephone. These series incorporate the membership free Garmin Guidance 2.0 framework that gives improved driving devices to staying away from deferrals. These models additionally include the “split-screen photoReal intersection see” highlight, a Garmin selective that offers a photographic take a gander at more than 60,000 street intersections to enable you to abstain from missing that significant turn. This series offers an improved 8 million points of intrigue. Models inside this line, for example, the 2495LMT, offer accommodating highlights, for example, the “Where Am I?” crisis locator that encourages you discover crisis help, service stations and the closest crossing point utilizing your directions rapidly.highlights, for example, the “Where Am I?” crisis locator that encourages you discover crisis help, service stations and the closest crossing point utilizing your directions rapidly.

Prestige Tier

The Prestige tier features the 3400 and 3500 series using 4.3- and 5-inch multi-touch screens as well. These top-of-the-line models include the Guidance 3.0 system offering added features such as traffic updates. The 3500 series includes free lifetime map updates. In addition, this series includes a simplified voice-operation system for finding points of interests and addresses. The 3590LMT, for example, includes eco-Route for finding the most fuel-efficient route and other features to shorten your driving time based on traffic patterns and your own driving patterns.